monCarbone Launches iPhone 5 Cases!!

Dear monCarbone fans~~ Our iPhone 5 cases have officially launched today with more models coming soon!! Stop by our website to check them out~~! :)


  1. Nice!! Finaly, had mine (after using 20 other covers) on my iphone 4 for a long period. I missed it on my new iPhone 5!

    So I am happy with this!


  2. Dear MCB,

    It's nice that you plan to offer iP5 cases in black, however time is dragging out, and nothing it being done on the website to keep your customer updated.

    Didn't want to, but I am looking for another manufacturer since I have no way of knowing what is going on. Last I heard when I inquired, the black cases were supposed to be available late in April.

    Love your products, think you could do a better job in communicating your intentions.

    Thanx for listening.

  3. And now I finally know that impossible is possible! Thanks for the shared write-up!